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After humans have received the stolen gift of fire from Prometheus, an angry Zeus decides to give men a punishing gift to compensate for the boon they had been given. He commands Hephaestus to mold from earth the first woman, a "beautiful evil" whose descendants would torment the race of men Theognis seems to be hinting at a myth in which the jar contained blessings rather than evils. In this, he appears to follow a possibly pre-Hesiodic tradition, preserved by the second-century fabulist Babrius,[14] that the gods sent a jar containing blessings to humans.

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A "foolish man" not Pandora opened the jar, and most of the blessings were lost forever Over time this "all-giving" goddess somehow devolved into an "all-gifted" mortal woman Jane Ellen Harrison sees in Hesiod's story "evidence of a shift from matriarchy to patriarchy in Greek culture as the life-bringing goddess Pandora is eclipsed, the death-bringing human Pandora arises.

She is no longer Earth-Born, but the creature, the handiwork of Olympian Zeus. Rose wrote that the myth of Pandora is decidedly more illiberal than that of epic in that it makes Pandora the origin of all of Man's woes with her being the exemplification of the bad wife Doesn't sound too good. But a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt.

Lol mine too and I would say the same thing. And less than 1 degree. I love chaos. It may mean when we use our uranian side such as genius, rebellion, changes etc, we either create pandora or magnetize it IP: Logged. The mythology behind the term is about "Pandora's box" which was a "box" containing ALL gifts known to man. When one opens this box usually gets carried away by its content and indulges in it too much and so the consequences are inevitably negative.

The gifts then become curses. Something like a bad-aspected Jupiter What do you think? How do you feel it? Topic Closed. This topic has been transferred to this forum: Asteroid Astrology. Pandora now?? Your'e killing me GF!! On this workshop we will explore why this Sacred power has been suppressed and how we can now reawaken this Inner fire to transform and heal our lives.

Pandora brings to light all that is hidden and buried within ourselves, she reveals what we find difficult to come to terms with, good and bad, and through releasing this, we become whole and empowered. Sappho represents the ability of a woman to be liberated.

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To be able to fully express her love and sexuality no matter what others say. To be able to be open to where love takes her and the strength to follow where it takes her, no matter what the obstacles.

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This workshop takes us on a journey of initiation to open fully up to Love. This journey can bring about a profound healing experience and also bring to the surface our buried ability to not only love ourselves but opens us up to universal love too. Her temples were places where you could connect to the heavens. In past lives, she shows how well we connected with the heavens and where she is in our birth charts will show how we are going to continue with this knowledge in this lifetime.

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  8. All the above Goddess images are original paintings by Pamela Matthews — see them all at www. This is a very powerful story of feminine courage, power and initiation. Hygeia is a goddess of and symbol of holistic well being, self-empowerment, purification and healing. What does it mean to me?

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    Through experiencing and listening to others. You work so hard all the time. You want to look inside the box in search for peace and quiet. Maybe love and a home too. You hope that if you open the box, you will finally have peace. You will finally have all youe heart desires. If the box is opened, melancholy, depression, want, and hopelessness will drive all life into dust. Death of life and all hope will spread, nihilism, and the new ice age will occur. However, if you chose to lock the box and keep it in your heart, that power and strength will enter every living creature, and bless it with strength, willpower, logic, and backbone.

    You are a madman in desperate search for all the answers. You want to know everything. All the secrets of the universe. All the information the stars hold. All that God knows. You want eternal life, and the universe for a mind.

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    Galaxies spinning, supernovas exploding, shooting stars scattered all over. You want to live there. Among the heavenly stars and poets. You want to be the firmament.

    But if you open the box because of that, madness and irrationality will pollute the earth. People will go mad. All logic will cease to exist.

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    Let the celestial divinity lead you. Not the other way around. Dreams, illusions, fantasy, sunconsciousness, and mysteries fills your mind. In that box is the nightsky and the dreamworld. You want to look into eternity and forever. The past and the future. If you let loose the velvet starry night with scattered stars and crushed dreams, everyone will drown in their own mind. You want to share and attain the beautiful dreamworld, but you cause destruction by nothingness.

    People will see what they have never seen before, they will find all the hidden.

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    No man or woman is ready for that. Use that inner compass always searching for something, to add mystery and fantasy to your life instead. The big blue and salty waves, over your divine coast, connected to both the water and heaven. Will lead you into euphoria. You want to discover more about your identity and your appearance.

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    You want something. You want to play games on or trick your sibling, neighbours, co-workers, classmates, or friends. You want to find out more about those themes. Possibly joke around with them. Creativity, fun, drama, children, animals, romance, yourself, and games. Pandora in this house can get really intense about having fun and playing games.

    You might try to help, but end up causing trouble instead. You might feel like those parts of your life can get out of control when digging tol deep or letting go. Pandora in this house can also be very powerful. Possibly dangerous or destructive.