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Speaking of being disturbed by a lack of faith, check this out and pass it on: GonzoBoy. And here's a handy link to all of the other creative talent: MindTags. I entered mine just a couple days ago, very late in the game. March 1st starts a whole new contest with all new material. You should create your own and submit it. Yes, you.

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Keep the Faith! I loved this story. I laughed even while it was making me angry. I loved it because it's such a great example of the sort of tale a writer of screenplays should be able to tell and yet it simultaneously illustrates exactly why a good writer might be well advised not to actually write any screenplays. Who could ask for more?

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Josh, Honestly, I think if you were to take the entire premise of this blog and turn it into a series or something like that, it may be the much-needed biggest hit in a post-The Soprano's HBO world. Start and open the show with you typing out and posting the blog to your readers.

I think you've got a hit on your hands here. Absolute gold. International Star was Patric Swayze, wasn't it? I can totally see him doing exactly as you describe. Not to say he's a hack. It just sounds like a perfect follow up to Roadhouse. Screw that! Those four idiots don't know a thing about monkey life! Josh, you have got to turn this premise into a script! The cage is getting restless! Ahhh, wait a sec. It's gotta be Wow, I really love your blog. Good title, nice template, excellent links. And the other You know, bullshit It's okay too.

Just kidding.

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Just a shameless plug for my latest entry at the Huffpo festival: MustReadBloggers. It's like Ken levine wrote Doesn't matter what he wrote. He wrote it daily. A month between posts????? Your sympathy over the illness is officially used up! If you're afraid of not living up to past posts, your fans will forgive you.

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Just write, dammit. I'm tired of clicking for blue balls. It's better than you could have ever dreamed. I'm not the least bit surprised: there's got to be an abundance of idiots and asskissers in Hollywood to produce the avalanche of crap we've been getting. Thanks for turning your painful experiences into our entertainment.

We are nearing forty days and nights with no new post Please, Josh, don't leave me here alone I don't know what I'm doing The title itself, sometimes abbreviated as "SoaP," has emerged as Internet-speak for fatalistic sentiments that range from c'est la vie to "s happens. I see some other commenters complaining about the lack of updates, but lucky me!

Even better than discovering a new band that already has several records out. Here's the thing Josh - you area great blogger. And thats the prob, mi amigo. You are an anecdotalist, not a screenwriter.

WOTW and Black Dahlia were someone else's story, and your one original work back in the late 90's kinda died a peaceful death in that great hospice in the sky for B movies. Meanwhile, lets call a spade spade - the highpoints in WOTW were Dakota Fanning and the special effects, in that order, and not Tom Cruise or the dialog. Oh, and please let your action film director friend know that he better pull off a helluva job on X-Men 3, or else I know a passel of Marvel geeks ready and willing to bust his ass.

Only marvel geeks could horde themselves in a 'passel'.

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OK- if you can read through and delete posts I have no idea what the post said, I'm just seeing that the "blog administrator" deleted it , then can you please, please, please, pretty-pretty please write a new entry? I know this isn't a paying job, but we miss you!!! So I'm picking at a congealed pasta special at an upscale LA eatery with my Idiot friend. ME: You're not a fool, I think you're quite smart. I rarely listen to my Idiot Friend.

I don't really know anything about hardware, those were just the first brand names that sprung to mind. I think they're real. Is "sprung" a word? ME: Uh huh. ME; Right. The congealed pasta congeals some more. I watch.

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  • It's a pleasant activity, but I decide I better say something to my idiot friend. ME: Do you ever read Josh Friedman's blog? My Idiot friend looks at me like birds are flying out of my nose, gets up and storms out of the restaurant. Several moments later the waiter comes over. ME: I know, and he never blogs anymore. He said he'd been trying to say it for the last five minutes but you weren't hearing him. ME: Oh. Painful silence.

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    ME: Please. Josh, please blog again or more of these fake Josh style posts will fill your comments section. Such madness must end. Explain this whole Blog Phenomenon to me. I offer a delicious plate of chocolate chip cookies as payment. I know I fall at the bottom of a shitload of comments, but loved the words today Josh, pure fuckin' truth, turning down that project inspired me All morons.