Gajakesariyogam astrology in tamil

My birth date is Some astrologer say u HV gajakesari but some say there is no gajakesari in my horoscope. Would you plz say does it has gajakesari in my horoscope? I m now an officer. Also interested in Jyotish n wants to know my future in detail. Hello sir do I have gajakesari yoga in my birth chart please conform me my birth time Hello sir, I want to know if gajakesari yoga is there or not and also when will it works. Time: Place:Mangalore Karnataka.

Please advice. If yes What is the Percentage and strength of gajkeshri yoga if present in my kundali?

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Is there a gajkesari Yog in my kundli? Kindly let me know.

Mayura kale my dob is 24 th march,time2. Sir, D. Gender:Male is there possibility of Gajkeshari yoga? Please help me Sir ….. Yogeshwari born on karnataka bangalore. God has to give the benefits. Thanks sir for your reply. But sir i want to know either i will get job this year or not. To Payal I have said what ever I could by way of prdiction. It is astrological ethics that we should not say negatives. When predictions are made through net I have more responsibility. When i do not know the moods and temperaments of people, from their postings, I have to exErcise more caution.

But there is God's calculaions which can be entirely different. If God wills he can give you the job just now. Instead of hankering over this, strengthen prayers. The future is hidden from all of us. That is the great suspense of life. If I say something emphatically, God will laugh within himself and He can just act opposite to my prediction. Astrology is the observation that so many ohers had similar incidents in life when a particular combination of planets existed. It is like had like this. It is quite possible that the same may not repeat for a particular individual.

I sincerely pray to God for your job. Dear Sir, Thanks for ur reply sir, As per ur reply yes he my cousin is a self made man. As Far as my cousin is concerned u asked if he loose one of his bothers? And i have a question sir, Some say his nakshatram is chittrai, some say swathi , what actually is his nakshatram.

Mukesh (actor)

His D. B: T. Bam P. B:Pollachi Gender:Male Thanks,. Dear Sir: I was born on 13 May at a. Kindly predict the promotion chances in the current organization. Do I have chance to get another job and if so, when. Thank you very much.

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Sir, My details are below Anuradha. How will be my financial status in future. From past 1 year my parents are searching a match for me, its not suiting my horoscope. Awaiting for you reply. Dinesh: Sir please predict my future and give me ur predictions based on my details given below.

சனி பெயர்ச்சி பலன்கள் 2017

B T. Sir, im saravanan. B - 25th july T. B - early in the morning dont know exactly P.

Gajakesari yogam - கஜ கேசரி யோகம்

B - Salem Gender - male im searching for job for past 3 years. Thanks in Advance.

When does GajaKesari yoga occur

Hi My name is Nagaveni. My Date of Birth is Dear Sir, I am Venu gopal Annamdas, got to know about this site from friend. TOB: 8. I came to India from USA on 15th March , on a promise that I will get job in one educational Institute good job but they cheated me. I am unable to get suitable job anywhere from several months. Sir, Got to know of this site while searcing something on the web. Also I need to know if there is a possibility of a child, in the next year or so? My e-mail ID : mkurada gmail. Your blog is very nice Madurai Hotels.


Hello Sir, my name is aryan i got to know this site from my friend my BOB TOB am POB Mysore karnataka when i will get a marriage because horoscope will not match there is problem in horoscope some astrogoler telling plst tell me sir i am wating for reply i had bad time for 7 to 8 yrs tell me about my job too please sir i am waiting you are reply My mail id blueginger gmail.

Namaskaram Sir, I finally got a job interview on 29th Oct. It is at 1. Indian Time Place is Jollarpettai. I am a male. I already wrote to you before. Can you pls tell me if I will succeed in this interview? Thank you Sir.. I am Pathmavathy from Malaysia, born on 29 aug at pm and have failed in my first marriage.

I am going to marry a man born on 17 July at pm. Both of us occassionaly have differences but he is a bit too stubborn. Is this marriage workable. I do not want another problematic marriage.